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*New* Sources – Added a new Source Template for the 1950 United States Federal Census - NEW
*New* Sources – Added a new Source Template for the 1921 England Census - NEW
Advanced Deleting – Advanced Deleting does not remove Marriage Events and Source Citations - FIXED
Advanced Deleting – Run Time Error 6 when deleting all people in file - FIXED
Backup – Changing location of file shows a blank filename after your folder selection - FIXED
Chronology View and Report – Addresses for marriages not included when Marriage Event Addresses are ON - FIXED
Chronology View and Report – Chronology view is not sorting events with the same date correctly - FIXED
Chronology View and Report – Displays blanks for place even if event is defined without a location - FIXED
Chronology View and Report – On the Chronology View's Display Options screen the option "Death of Husband" should read "Death of Spouse" - FIXED
Chronology View and Report – Shared events from vital events (birth, baptism, death, burial, marriage) do not include from whom the event was shared - FIXED
Compare Two Files – Compare two files cannot transfer story - FIXED
Create Web Pages – Events for Children option not sticking - FIXED
Create Web Pages – Italics in source title is showing formatting codes instead of showing italics in web pages - FIXED
Create Web Pages – Private Shared Events Truncate Event Listing - FIXED
Create Web Pages – Web pages show [BuriedMale] and [BuriedFemale] instead of Buried - FIXED
Customize – Opening marriage screen changes option 3.11 to Unknown - FIXED
Customize – Turning off RINs in 8.2 Display Numbers on Names does not turn off RINs in children scrolling grid list - FIXED
Dates – Cancel Button does not cancel modifications on Marriage screen - FIXED
Dates – Double dates are mangled when "1953 Nov 21" selected for the date format - FIXED
Dates – Format with 2-digit day/month does not work when using single digit months and the day is not entered - FIXED
Dates – Norwegian Bokmal date abbreviations do not follow language standards - FIXED
Descendant View – Crash if max individuals set to >= 32768 - FIXED
Distance and Bearing Calculator – Cannot copy Decimal longitude - FIXED
DNA – Oxford Ancestors Maternal Lineage Test website URL in DNA records is incorrect - FIXED
Event Definition Master List – Ctrl-B does not work in the event sentence override - FIXED
Events – [Name] in Event Sentences often shows wrong name in Preview - FIXED
Family View – Burial/Cremation labels have strange default code [:BuriedMale::BuriedFem] and [:CremMale::CremFem] - FIXED
Family View – Error 9 subscript out of range when you have more than 20 children in the family view and the columns set to best fit - FIXED
Family View – Inconsistent display of 3-digit and 2-digit years in Family View and Pedigree View - FIXED
Family View – Names of children are swapped around - FIXED
Family View – Option 8.10 not working - Married Status displays when it should not - FIXED
File Maintenance – Error in French message 3253 means RIN numbers are not displaying in French - FIXED
Gedcom Export – Cancelling "Enter File Location" dialog should not dismiss underlying export Screen - FIXED
Gedcom Export – GEDCOM 5.1.1 export does not include LATI and LONG tags for event locations but they are included for addresses - FIXED
Gedcom Export – GEDCOM 5.5.1 export does not export SSN correctly when you remove ABBR and _UID tags - FIXED
Gedcom Export – Latitude and Longitude are not exported in 5.5.1 gedcoms - FIXED
Gedcom Export – Latitude and Longitude values lose precision in gedcom export - FIXED
Gedcom Export – Sources for private person's data included - FIXED
Gedcom Export – Starred vitals are inconsistent in the customize menu for the GEDCOM export when the character set is changed - FIXED
Help File – "FamilySearch Icons" is missing some new icons - FIXED
Help File – Customize Main Toolbar topic needs to be updated - FIXED
Help File – Distance and Bearing Calculator topic needs to be updated - FIXED
Help File – Formatting is off for the Nicknames topic - FIXED
Help File – Hashtags – assigning or removing from groups is not documented - FIXED
Help File – Help file documentation for converting an older database is not correct - FIXED
Help File – Help for Story Share List [frmStorySharedX] - missing info - FIXED
Help File – Help for the Hashtags feature contains 2 Index entries' Hashtag and Hashtags. They should be combined - FIXED
Help File – Help on Email very dated - FIXED
Help File – Help Topic "Exporting a Legacy File" is incomplete - FIXED
Help File – Help Topic 8-1186, link to Legacy Troubleshooting website does not work - FIXED
Help File – Help topic 9-1273 and 10-1273 have no mention of the secondary check boxes when exporting a tagged group - FIXED
Help File – Holp Topic 9-0243 (USA County Verification) has incorrect information - FIXED
Help File – Problems with Shared Stories Help Message 0017: 70210 - FIXED
Help File – Problems with Story List Help message - FIXED
Help File – Remove references to the Legacy Cloud - FIXED
Help File – Report Options button topic needs to be updated - FIXED
Help File – Report Title Options doesn't include all options - FIXED
Help File – Show Hashtags on the Merging Two Individual's window topic needs to be updated - FIXED
Help File – Topics 9-0572 and 9-0573 ref. Quick Access Toolbar need to be updated - FIXED
Help File –Finding an Individual in Name List topic needs to be updated - FIXED
Help File –Husband/Wife references in Troubleshooting error messages topic needs to be updated - FIXED
Hints – Run-time error 380 and crash if hint refresh is set to an invalid number - FIXED
Index View – Add the special character ribbon on the Index page - FIXED
Individual Information – Title inconsistencies - FIXED
Legacy Initialization and Startup – Users with more than one help file having issues - FIXED
Locations – Change the input from DDMMSS.xxx to Decimal Degrees (DD) - FIXED
Locations – Mapping – Copy Coordinates to Windows Clipboard needs to copy as signed decimal - FIXED
Locations – Notes in Location Index is missing in some locations - FIXED
Locations – Online County maps button is not working on Tools > US County Verifier > USA County List, gives an error 404 - FIXED
Marriage List and Marriage List Report - Add Marriage User ID as an optional field in the Marriage List report - FIXED
Master Lists – File ID's appear/don't appear on the Master Source List based on whether or not you selected them to print on the last report - FIXED
Master Lists – Temple List not showing up in Master Lists - FIXED
Media Gallery – Missing ability to view media while editing family file - FIXED
Merge – Auto Merge is not merging people that are exactly the same and is giving reasons that are incorrect - FIXED
Merge – Intellishare Report is not documented and is not handled effectively - FIXED
Merge – Problem with Merge Focus when selecting person on the right - FIXED
Name/Search List – Inconsistent date display of 2-digit and 3-digit years in the Name List - FIXED
Name/Search List – Option to NOT use borders around the report does not work correctly - FIXED
Pedigree View – Ancestor Colour problem when changing selected person - FIXED
Potential Problems – Gaps are being calculated differently in the Finnish (Suomi) version - FIXED
Potential Problems – PPs are showing up when you have an unknown date - FIXED
Potential Problems – The PP alerts do not work as expected on the Name/Search Lists and on the Index View - FIXED
QuickDup – Automatic duplicate search after data entry can get Runtime error 380 - FIXED
Reports – Address information is truncating and spilling into blank spouse field - FIXED
Reports – Address Label Report – wrong title and no customize options - FIXED
Reports – Border lines are overwriting text in the source citation report when using list-style format - FIXED
Reports – Calendar Creator – Incorrect Married Names when don't generate married names is selected - FIXED
Reports – Calendar Creator – Loses picture captions for months that are not displayed after a preview - FIXED
Reports – Calendar Creator – privacy & double brackets not being honored - FIXED
Reports – Cannot Apply both Group 1 & Group 2 colors to Pedigree Chart - FIXED
Reports – Create a csv output for marriages crash - FIXED
Reports – Descendant book report shows RINs as bold - FIXED
Reports – Descendant Chart Report - German version - The symbol for buried is missing - FIXED
Reports – Error 3021: No current Record - reading Child-Parent Relationship - FIXED
Reports – Event phone numbers, e-mail address, and home page address will not print - FIXED
Reports – Event Report – List Style - Event Names not in Bold when this option checked - FIXED
Reports – Family Dictionary Report has no option to control the font attributes for the children list - FIXED
Reports – Family Group Reports do not add witnesses to a child's birth - FIXED
Reports – Formatted notes overprint in Family Group Reports and other reports - FIXED
Reports – Hint Report – Translations don't fit in window, layout problems with paper sizes - FIXED
Reports – If you have shared a marriage event, the people with whom it was shared will not appear - FIXED
Reports – Including long stories on Ancestor Book report causes the title of the report to appear even if you have the title turned off - FIXED
Reports – Incorrect use of next in relationships/marriages when there is a mix - FIXED
Reports – Index Report ignores some privacy options - FIXED
Reports – Interview Report – "Save questions" needs to save to /AppData - FIXED
Reports – LDS Ordinances Report – Missing confirmation and initiatory information - FIXED
Reports – Location Report – Calculation of Ages at Event incorrect - FIXED
Reports – Long location names truncate instead of word wrapping - FIXED
Reports – Marriage paragraph is no longer including the parents of the spouse - FIXED
Reports – Married name issues in Calendar Creator and Calendar List- FIXED
Reports – Migration Report – Text overlap with long country names - FIXED
Reports – Minor variation in screen naming/title origins vs Migration Reports - FIXED
Reports – Name Tag Report – Font setting for Credit Lines does not work - FIXED
Reports – Name tag report gives error 3061: Too few parameters. Expected 1 when you attempt to run it - FIXED
Reports – Noted events are showing incorrect gender for children in book reports - FIXED
Reports – Origins Report is missing state flags for NH, NJ, NY, NC, ND, NM, SC, SD - FIXED
Reports – Other – Address Labels "what to print" settings errors - FIXED
Reports – Override Privacy Settings are being ignored for spouses of children in book reports - FIXED
Reports – Parents are missing for Main Person paragraphs in the Ancestor Book Report - FIXED
Reports – Problem with Descendant Book Reports with Other Parents - FIXED
Reports – Problem with use of [FullName] - in Ancestor Book Reports - FIXED
Reports – Problem With Wording string [Marriage/Relationship] - FIXED
Reports – Problems with Family Group Report and RINs and non-RIN IDs - FIXED
Reports – Problems with Name Tag and Address List Reports - FIXED
Reports – Problems with Source Citation placement on the Individual and Family Group Reports - FIXED
Reports – Pronoun wording issue – FIXED
Reports – Publishing Center – Margins of Additional pages do not conform to page setup settings - FIXED
Reports – Publishing Center – Publishing Center is resetting to default margins between sessions - FIXED
Reports – Publishing Center does not save/load books correctly - FIXED
Reports – Relationship Chart Report - The life spans for the Most Recent Common Ancestor couple is missing - FIXED
Reports – Report Index options – Add include married names - FIXED
Reports – Report Title Options do not include [HusbMarriedSurname] and [WifeMarriedSurname] - FIXED
Reports – Reports are mis-reporting Child-Parent relationships for same-sex couples - FIXED
Reports – Reports missing Privacy Options - FIXED
Reports – Running the Name List Report and creating a CSV file in multiple files causes Legacy to crash with Run-time Error '3420' - FIXED
Reports – Shared events do not appear unless that location is also being used elsewhere for that person - FIXED
Reports – Source Citation Report - some source citations from shared events are missing from the report - FIXED
Reports – Source Citation Report - Source titles include italics codes instead of italic format for List Style report - FIXED
Reports – Source reference number is not appearing for the main individual in the individual report - FIXED
Reports – Surname Summary Report - Missing Surnames only used as AKA - FIXED
Reports – The birth witnesses are missing for the children in an Family Group Report - FIXED
Reports – The word "next" is being left out for relationships (not married) when the person has more than one marriage/relationship - FIXED
Reports – To-Do Report – CSV output does not include the repository information for subsequent entries - FIXED
Reports – To-Do Report File ID Number are not in the gray block with the Date and short Research Task Description - FIXED
Reports – Use Quoted Names for Narratives in chart reports should be greyed out - FIXED
Reports – Using another language in the Chart Style Reports does not change all headings in the report - FIXED
Reports – When you have a AKA using the max character limit it will spill over in a Chronology Comparison Report - FIXED
Reports – When you have a file with many addresses you receive error 6 overflow when only living or only dead is selected - FIXED
Reports – You cannot create a descendant chart report with only a location index, the name index is always included - FIXED
Scrapbook – The option to change the font and font attributes for the captions is not working - FIXED
Search – Creating a CSV file from search does not include all instances of an event - FIXED
Search – When you go to search>find in Legacy while your language it set to Spanish it freezes Legacy - FIXED
Search Internet – Add birth month and date to internet search - FIXED
Search Internet – Cannot select husband's alt names - FIXED
Search Internet – Males can have married names but they're not available in Internet Search - FIXED
Search Internet – The new [BirthMM] - and [BirthDD] - skip leading zeros - FIXED
Search Internet – The use of an alternate name in internet search does not work - FIXED
Search Internet – Using search>internet>FamilySearch(historical records) does not auto fill the boxes - FIXED
Search Internet – Using search>internet>FamilySearch(historical records) with any browser but Edge it will not fill in the search boxes - FIXED
Search Replace – Search and Replace does not honor option 3.10 when Bap/Baptism is selected - FIXED
Search Replace – Search and replace is not functioning - FIXED
Set Relationships – Wrong Spanish translation for 'brother-in-law' in DBM file - FIXED
Shared Events – [MainPerson] – is not following all uppercase report options in reports - FIXED
Shared Events – [SharedNotes] does not work correctly with < and > around them - FIXED
Shared Events – Error in role preview sentence - FIXED
Shared Events – Sometimes after you have assigned a role to someone, the role changes itself to (none - leave blank) - FIXED
Source Clipboard – Clear All button on Source Clipboard does not honor the default setting for Prompt for Detail set at Options > Customize 7.4 - FIXED
Sources – Source Citation Report problems - FIXED
Stories – Problems with printing Stories - FIXED
Stories – Story media button disappears - FIXED
Toolbars – Tooltips need to be updated - FIXED
Modul Charting nadále neobsahuje českou nápovědu. Postup zprovoznění české nápovědy v modulu Legacy Charting je popsán ve vlákně http://legacyczech.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=585.

O nefungujících mapách si můžete přečíst zde: http://legacyczech.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&p=844

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