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Book and Chart Reports – Can't exit from warning message – FIXED
Book and Chart Reports – Source footnote not showing in FGS for notes when option "If including notes, put them at the end of the report" is unchecked – FIXED
Book Reports – Does not show age for death/burial for parents when using the Spanish language – FIXED
Book Reports – Does not show the RIN for the starting person – FIXED
Book Reports – Misplacement of Noted events in their marriage – FIXED
Book Reports – When you leave marriage event wording in the wording 1 tab blank it prints out "Noted events in their marriage were:" – FIXED
Book Reports – Not showing marriage events when spouse is unknown – FIXED
Book Reports – Text overlapping pictures – FIXED
Book Reports – Lines going over margins – FIXED
Book Reports – If the spouse has parents, then there is an extra space before the marriage date – FIXED
Book Reports – Individuals without surnames not showing in name index when you have the option "slashes around surnames" checked – FIXED
Book Reports – Option to use present tense in Event Sentences not working – FIXED
Calendar Reports – Married Name bugs in Calendar Creator and Calendar List – FIXED
Calendar Reports – Married Name from Preferred Marriage used instead of Last Marriage – FIXED
Census List Search – Add the "1939 Register" to the drop down list of censuses for England and Wales – FIXED
Chart Reports – Color Text and Boxes broken for coloring tagged people – FIXED
Chart Reports – With Color Text and Boxes you can choose to color both for a tag AND a hashtag on most Chart Reports – FIXED
Chart Reports – Privacy bracket options are not being honored and are not sticking in the report menu – FIXED
Chronology View and Report – Death of spouse has incorrect wording in the chronology view when you are viewing as a list style – FIXED
Chronology View and Report – Chronology View does not translate partnership correctly when transitioning from English to Spanish – FIXED
Chronology Comparison Report – Report resets RIN settings when you close and re–open the menu – FIXED
Dates – When you enter a single date it is adding Between before the date – FIXED
Descendant View – Right Click Menu Syncing Problem – Wrong name displayed after view is scrolled past page – FIXED
Descendant View – Shows birth date of the main person for spouse when spouse is not entered when using years lived – FIXED
Events Sentences – Problem with Legacy Standard Event Separation – FIXED
Events Sentences – Event definition replaceable fields are mislabeled and not working correctly in Spanish – FIXED
FamilySearch – Certain people in Legacy Family Search do not show data in the share tab – FIXED
FamilySearch – Quotation marks in sources are transferring with back slashes – FIXED
FamilySearch – Not displaying correct Ordinance status icons – FIXED
FamilySearch – Upload to FamilySearch through LFS fails due to translation problem – FIXED
FamilySearch – Cannot add spouses from Legacy to Family Search – FIXED
FamilySearch – Source notes are not transferring from Family Search – FIXED
File Maintenance – Check/Repair – There's a problem with the new checkbox for duplicate marriages – FIXED
File Maintenance – Duplicate Find–a–Grave numbers – FIXED
Gedcom Export – Tagging options will not stick in the GEDCOM export – FIXED
Gedcom Export – Override private marriage is not working, the tag FAMC is not being included in the export – FIXED
Gedcom Import – Not importing EVEN type events correctly – FIXED
Gedcom Import – Using the File > New File option to import a Gedcom gives a restricted Gedcom import screen – FIXED
Getting Started Wizard – First entered person always on left, even if female – FIXED
Help File & Broken Help Links – Add hidden Reset function information to Help file – Topic 9–1033 : 50424 – FIXED
Help File & Broken Help Links – Codes on Help Topics not standardized – FIXED
Help File & Broken Help Links – Name List/Search List Help article doesn't explain adding hashtags or have a link to the relevant article – FIXED
Keyboard Shortcuts – Cannot remove a Source if a picture is attached – FIXED
Legacy Website – Minimum computer requirements not consistent across the website – FIXED
Legacy Website – Spelling error on "Where can I find the build date of my Legacy program?" (on the main FAQ page) – FIXED
Locations – Deleting Unused Location leaves the mouse pointer on busy – FIXED
Media Gallery – Sometimes shows the name/RIN of the person but other times does not – FIXED
Name/Search List – Button text inconsistencies with gender – FIXED
Name Tags Report – The Report does not print in alphabetical order – FIXED
Potential Problems – Flags a marriage error if deceased individual has a marriage date and an unknown death – FIXED
Potential Problems – Missing alert when person without marriage date is marked as married but died young – FIXED
Potential Problems – Alerts for living individuals with marriage date in error – FIXED
Report Options – Missing space in Option 12.2 – FIXED
Relationship Calculator – Partnerships are showing as married in the relationship report when you run as a text file – FIXED
Renumber RINs – Renumber RINs or MRINs is not saving previous changes in the RINLog.txt file – FIXED
Report Options – No Control in Report Options to include Marriage User ID – FIXED
Search – Program crashes when Search button is pressed – FIXED
Search – The detailed search when searching for individuals with a certain master source is giving results it should not be – FIXED
Search – Error 13 when using Search tool – FIXED
Search Internet – Ancestry.com internet search in Legacy does not accept international alphabets – FIXED
Search Internet – Add search with alt names – ADDED
Search Internet – Library and Archives of Canada shows errors – FIXED
Search Internet – Missing search for “The Genealogist” – FIXED
Search Internet – Problems with Customizing Internet Searches – FIXED
To Do List – To–Do Clipboard Load does not work – FIXED
Toolbars – Remove the Map Family icon from Customize Toolbar selection – FIXED
Translation – Strange Faroese text in: View–Namelist–Options–Print–Row 1–Buried– X – FIXED
Translation – Norwegian – Bokmål translation errors in the Options > Customize > 8.9 – FIXED
User Interface – Change marriage to family in frmAdd – FIXED
Windows Issues – Using Right Click and select file in Windows 7 Taskbar changes Options > Customize to always open last used file – FIXED
Modul Charting nadále neobsahuje českou nápovědu. Postup zprovoznění české nápovědy v modulu Legacy Charting je popsán ve vlákně http://legacyczech.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=585.

O nefungujících mapách si můžete přečíst zde: http://legacyczech.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&p=844

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