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Chronology View: Brings birth instead of death location to front for Deaths - FIXED
Chronology View: Report Reset of Display/Report options is checking Private Events and not adding an asterisk to the Privacy button - FIXED
Chronology View: Unchecking "Limit to the lifetime of the main individual" will not include the spouse's death info - FIXED
Data Entry: Dates Ages are not calculated for Events when a date range includes a double date - FIXED
Event Definition: Conditional fields <::living words::non-living words> not being used in Reports for Living people - FIXED
Event Definition: Definition uses inDate when you have a date range and you set it to fromDate - FIXED
Event Definition: Event Description changes word following a period to initial Caps - FIXED
Event Definition: Sentence Override ondate produces 'from' rather than 'on' date - FIXED
Events: Privacy brackets are not being honored in the event preview - FIXED
Events: Shared events in Spanish are not showing the starting person's name in the shared event preview and in reports - FIXED
Events: Shared Events Preview of Sentence when FirstHeShe is used in Shared Event Role Sentences shows Title prefix rather than First Name - FIXED
Family View: Buried/Cremated field changes between short name and long name in the family view - FIXED
Family View: Changing a burial to cremated is not changing the burial field label in the family view - FIXED
Family View: Help button on Customize Family View frmCustomView is inactive - FIXED
Family View: Label for ;;Buried::Cremated displays incorrectly - FIXED
Family View: Wife is not correctly translated in the view and add menus for Spanish - FIXED
File: File > Delete File leaves files behind - FIXED
Gedcom Export: Add a date record as a sub record to the TYPE record in am Marr record. It is illegal. - FIXED
Gedcom Export: Blank/Unknown partner being treated as Living in Export causing suppression of details for their deceased spouse - FIXED
Gedcom Export: Exporting part of a file to Gedcom turns off Options-Customize 5.5 - FIXED
Gedcom Export: Gedcom Export is not exporting User Custom Events - FIXED
Gedcom Export: Gedcom Export is not exporting User Custom Events - FIXED
Gedcom Export: Media File ID not included in Legacy type Gedcom - FIXED
Gedcom Export: Problem with Gedcom Export of Divorce Event and Divorced Status - FIXED
Gedcom Export: Problems with Exporting Divorce Events. - FIXED
Gedcom Export: Social Security Number is not being excluded from GEDCOM export when you remove it from the "export these items" list - FIXED
Gedcom Import: Import is not importing the SLGC tag correctly and sealed to parents does not transfer correctly - FIXED
Gedcom Import: Import SSN and ANUL tags are not being imported correctly - FIXED
Gedcom Import: Large GEDCOM import from Ancestry.com creates unknowns - FIXED
Gedcom Import: Problems with importing a Gedcom with couple with multiple marriages - FIXED
Gedcom Import: Problems with importing Divorce Events. - FIXED
Hashtags: Create list from hashtag search is broken - FIXED
Help File: 8.14 Prompt Styles missing from Help - FIXED
Help File: Bad link in Help file - FIXED
Help File: Color Text and Boxes Help "Custom Box Colors" 9-0143 : 60927 needs link to Set Ancestor Colors - FIXED
Help File: Color Text and Boxes not mentioned in any Chart Report Help - FIXED
Help File: frmCustomView - Help Button does not work - FIXED
Help File: Help Topic 9-0123 Includes reference to non-existent Print Button and has no mention of Compare - FIXED
Help File: Help topic 9-0212 : 80622 - A little blurb needs to be added explaining where these files are and how to back them up - FIXED
Help File: Help Topic 9-1311 has an incorrect spelling for the region Antrin in Ireland - FIXED
Help File: Incompatible Entries Error box frmMsgBoxX - Missing help - FIXED
Help File: Line Spacing article 9-1145 needs editing and Page Setup 9-0025 : 00826 needs further editing - FIXED
Help File: Name List article # 9-1035:51019 in the help index has broken links for Notes, Sources and LDS - FIXED
Help File: Needed changes to 9-1035 - FIXED
Help File: Pedigree View Help 9-1048 : 50821 - some sections in illogical order - FIXED
Help File: Pedigree View Tips & Tricks doesn't explain how to turn on the Spouse/Children and Sibling lists - FIXED
Help File: Problems with Add/Edit Stories Help File 9-0016: 00522 - FIXED
Help File: Resolve and Document Event Note settings in events and report options - FIXED
Help File: Shortcut Key article 9-1102 : 61021 doesn't include the Alt + N on Individual screen to check "no known marriage..." - FIXED
Help File: Topic 9-0559 Defining Event Roles has a strike through in the 3rd paragraph - FIXED
Help File: User ID - Help on what they are and how to add is difficult to find. - FIXED
Help File: Wrong information in Edit section of Media Locations Help 9-2203 : 40819 - FIXED
Hints: Problem with FamilySearch Hints - FIXED
Hints: Problems with doing test login to FamilySearch in Opt. 8.13 - FIXED
Hints: Processing Monitor Report "FSID Found" should be "No FSID" - FIXED
Index View: Include Married Name is no longer sticky in Index View - FIXED
Index View: Include married names in Index View is not possible, if your setting in 2.8 is set to 0-None... - FIXED
Individual Information: Change it so when you open the screen it does not default to the first event - FIXED
Individual Information: Unwanted Gender Change by accidental click on M F or ? - FIXED
Marriage List: CSV export option for the Marriage List - FIXED
Name/Search List: Default Selection when opened if Married Names or AKA's included - FIXED
Name/Search List: Hashtags are not showing up in the name list report - FIXED
Name/Search List: LDS Ordinance Information wrong for Husband - FIXED
Name/Search List: List Report RINs are not showing for surrounding relatives when you have this option turned on - FIXED
Options - Customize: Current Legacy Defaults for Option 8.2 are causing user problems. - FIXED
Options - Customize: Option 12.5 Message being used incorrectly - FIXED
Options - Customize: Option 7.1 Source Entry System - Ask which system to use when adding - doesn't work - FIXED
Potential Problems: Marking a PP Alert as not a problem is not working - FIXED
Potential Problems: PP giving peculiar results - broken - especially for Child order. - FIXED
Potential Problems: PP individuals do not match error reported - FIXED
Potential Problems: PP option "No space after a period in a name field" does not work for names entered in the Alternate Names field - FIXED
Potential Problems: Prefixes handled differently for the main name vs. an AKA - FIXED
Reports: Problems with Book Reports and Invisible People - FIXED
Reports: "Given names only" does not work - FIXED
Reports: Add "Report Settings" above the Load, Save and Reset buttons on frmNameTag and on frmSourceLabels - FIXED
Reports: All marriage details need to be suppressed when the Spouse/Partner not in the report line is marked Private or Invisible - FIXED
Reports: Assigning the same source to a second spouse relationship and the name causes the source to duplicate in the FGR - FIXED
Reports: Children from this marriage were: has a blank line between it and the children in the ancestor report but not descendant report - FIXED
Reports: Dates in Reports use "From" when they should use "on" or "in". - FIXED
Reports: Death cause wording is showing His instead of Her for a female child in the ancestor book report - FIXED
Reports: Event label wording in the wording 1 tab for reports shows correctly for the first person but not for any others - FIXED
Reports: Event Picture Select is not sticking under Pictures Tab - FIXED
Reports: Family Dictionary Report - Missing progress bar while creating report - FIXED
Reports: Family Group Report option to color people with a Hashtag not working - FIXED
Reports: French Version Placeholder text has typo causing errors on reports - FIXED
Reports: Individual Report doesn't include "...no known marriage and no known children" source - FIXED
Reports: Origins Report includes RINs even when this option is turned off - FIXED
Reports: Photo Album - Picture Descriptions Wrap to next page incorrectly - FIXED
Reports: Photo Album > Options - Page setup settings not working - FIXED
Reports: Privacy brackets within the date and location fields are controlled by the private "notes" option - FIXED
Reports: Problem with Children with Invisible Child-Parent Relationships - FIXED
Reports: Publishing Center Name index has duplicate entries when creating a book in the publishing center with a Family Tree report included - FIXED
Reports: Publishing Center Scrapbook does not keep the target person when you change it in the publishing center - FIXED
Reports: Source citation for notes is showing in the Family Group report even if notes are turned off - FIXED
Reports: Source Citation Report - Citations attached to To-Do tasks are not included - FIXED
Reports: Spouse notes are showing incorrect notes in family group report when you have the option to put notes at end of report unchecked - FIXED
Reports: Stories are not printing in the right place - FIXED
Reports: When using the focus group and all spouses in the family group report it prints the wrong family - FIXED
Scrapbook: Print Scrapbook has lost the ability to choose how many images per page - FIXED
Search and Replace: "Find Whole Word only" does not work with the option "starts with" in the search and replace tool for location list - FIXED
Search and Replace: If you try to replace with emdash endash using the symbol, the preview shows \emdash - FIXED
Search and Replace: Tab and CR buttons not working right - FIXED
Search and Replace: Will not find Carriage Returns - FIXED
Set Relationships: No way for the user to know which option is in use - FIXED
Sources: Adding a new basic source citation will not add the source to the event - FIXED
Sources: Assigned sources are showing the incorrect field label for the father relationship when only the father is attached to a child - FIXED
Sources: Assigned Sources screen has a field for "Never Married" which now should be "No Known Marriage" - FIXED
Sources: Bibliography Preview will not use Overrides from Master Source - FIXED
Translation: Missing Translation for Printer Setup Button - FIXED
User Interface: Adding a picture to a person does not change the modified date for that person - FIXED
User Interface: Other Assigned Sources - The Burial field does not update to Cremated - FIXED
User Interface: This couple did not marry in marriage information is not readable when using the Danish language - FIXED
User's Guide: Multiple corrections - FIXED
Web Pages: Footer needs a disclaimer - FIXED
Web Pages: Individual web page is showing a name with no information above another person's name - FIXED
Web Pages: Page titles don't stick - FIXED
Web Pages: Reset button in web page creation malfunctions - FIXED
Web Pages: Suppress details for living individuals is not suppressing notes in the Family Style Web page - FIXED
Web Pages: Wrong gender in sentence for same sex marriage - FIXED
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