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Priority Fix - All of our Windows security certificates have been updated and will be good for the next 3 years. If you do not update by midnight on January 24, 2020 Legacy will not work until you update
Backup - After an update, the backup file path goes back to the default - FIXED
Backup - If your backup location is a partitioned drive, Legacy will reset the location back to the default - FIXED
Backup - Local Backup Location is not being remembered unless you use File - Backup - FIXED
Chronology View - Problem with RIN/MRIN option - FIXED
Chronology View - Problems with handling Private birth dates - FIXED
Chronology View - Timelines set to Limit Events to Lifetime of the Individual are actually set to Average Life Span - FIXED
County Verifier - County verifier has broken links - FIXED
Dates - Incorrectly displays Calculated dates - FIXED
Descendant View - Highlight line in Descendant View is not following Windows Setting color. - FIXED
Events - Event date keeps wrong date when canceling - FIXED
Events - Random runtime error 3021 - FIXED
Events - Shared Events - Add life span to the "People who share this event" dialog box - NEW FEATURE
Events - Shared Events - Suggestions to improve readability - Tooltip now has full names - FIXED
Family View - Individual Tags temporarily disappear after you have set the Ancestor Colors - FIXED
Family View - Spouse List - Unlinking multiple marriages to same person with remove both entries - FIXED
Family View - When opening the Spouse list, the spouse on the screen in the Family View is not the one highlighted - FIXED
FamilySearch - Click Here to register at FamilySearch link takes you to the main LDS website and not to the registration page - FIXED
FamilySearch - Problem that Legacy FamilySearch merge failures do not adequately tell why - FIXED
FamilySearch - The ability to filter the list by the color of the chains - NEW FEATURE
FamilySearch - Unable to merge duplicates - FIXED
Gedcom Export - Problem with Gedcom export of Private Marriage - FIXED
Help File - "What's in the Legacy Version 9 Deluxe Edition" Help message 9-0108 : 60622 is out of date. - FIXED
Help File - Remove Map references from the Help File - FIXED
Help File - Topic 9-0108 - Spelling problems - FIXED
Hints - Problem with Hint Results for FamilySearch with French version - FIXED
Index View - "Unknown" is showing where there are blank entries - FIXED
Locations - Message for GeoLocation Database Proximity Search needs to be improved - FIXED
Marriage List - If a female has more than one spouse, then the "Link to Parents" does not work correctly - FIXED
Marriage List - Print Private individuals ON by default - FIXED
Media Gallery - Add Media - Incorrect Message if file not found - FIXED
Media Gallery - Automatic name change for duplicate filenames in Media Gallery doesn't work - FIXED
Media Gallery - Closing the Media Gallery using the Windows X discards changes without warning - FIXED
Media Gallery - If you change a date in the Media Gallery sometimes it does not reformat the date to match the Options - FIXED
Media Gallery - Media added as a document in source detail looks for a picture when you manually try to relink the media - FIXED
Merge - Add Date last modified information to General Tab - FIXED
Notes/Text/Comments - Cause of Death field smaller (less characters) than advertised - FIXED
Notes/Text/Comments - If you use braces (curly brackets) { } in certain notes fields the braces will disappear when you save the note - FIXED
Options - Colors - Problem with User Color Settings - FIXED
Options - Customize - Remove Option 8.8 (no longer needed) - FIXED
Picture Center - The Remove command fails for Event and Marriage Photos - FIXED
Potential Problems - Potential problem for burial before death does not recognize estimated dates - FIXED
Potential Problems - Shift Right click does not work to change the Potential Problems settings - FIXED
Potential Problems - Shift-right click does not immediately remove the Potential Problems icon when you globally exclude something - FIXED
Reports - Book Reports - Calculated dates do not expand abbreviation or lose capitalization in the middle of sentences in Reports - FIXED
Reports - Book Reports - Find A Grave ID is printing twice - FIXED
Reports - Book Reports - Invisible Spouse blocks creation of a descendant line in a Descendant Book Report - FIXED
Reports - Book Reports - Repetition of Story in Ancestor Book Report - FIXED
Reports - Book Reports - RINs missing for direct Descendants - FIXED
Reports - Book Reports - Stories misplaced for Spouses in Descendant Narrative Report - FIXED
Reports - Book Reports - Stories with photos - photo positioning incorrectly - FIXED
Reports - Book Reports - Story Placement & Various Omissions in Ancestor Book Report - FIXED
Reports - Book Reports - Story placement and related issues in Descendant Book Report - FIXED
Reports - Book Reports - The first event is single spaced and the rest are double spaced - FIXED
Reports - Book Reports - When you turn off duplicates it shows the wrong page number for the main entry - FIXED
Reports - Book Reports - With include Children's stories checked, Stories are included in Child List when that Child will have a main entry - FIXED
Reports - Book Reports - Wrong gender used sometimes when only one parent is known - FIXED
Reports - Books & Charts - Calculated date abbreviation doesn't honor Option 5.7 setting - FIXED
Reports - Books & Charts - Descendant chart shows wrong page number for main entry when you have boxes turned on - FIXED
Reports - Books & Charts - If someone is marked invisible their descendants are not in reports, despite them not being in the line - FIXED
Reports - Books & Charts - Problem with Event Sentences in Marriage Events - FIXED
Reports - Books & Charts - Quoted Name is not removed from [MainPerson] in Shared Event Sentences - FIXED
Reports - Chart Style - Format Issues with pictures linked to Stories in the Individual Chart Report - FIXED
Reports - Chart Style - Individual Report - Problems with Privacy for Deceased spouses and children - FIXED
Reports - Options/Settings - Compiler Information screen - The date field is editable but will default back to the current date - FIXED
Reports - Options/Settings - Family Group Report event notes privacy settings not sticking - FIXED
Reports - Options/Settings - Legacy does not remember where you saved your report options - FIXED
Reports - Options/Settings - Notes/Stories Tab - Problems with Clear button and graying out - FIXED
Reports - Options/Settings - Some reports are missing the Printer Setup button - FIXED
Reports - Options/Settings - Source Picture Options not always greyed out when pictures not allowed - FIXED
Reports - Options/Settings - Story Options not greyed out in reports that do not display stories - FIXED
Reports - Options/Settings - View Last Report - If the Source Labels Report was the last one viewed, it will not display, the one previous will - FIXED
Search - Search field "Never Married" needs to be updated to "No known marriage" for consistency - FIXED
Search Internet - Internet Search Using WorldConnect (Rootsweb) Does not work - FIXED
Sources - Basic - Basic Style source will not retain your choice for "Formatting of Title" - FIXED
Sources - Basic - Period appended to text of details when cited - FIXED
Toolbars - Remove Map Family from the View toolbar - FIXED
User Interface - Menu items not correctly translated to Norwegian - FIXED
Web Pages - Individual web page creation missing information on people - FIXED
Modul Charting nadále neobsahuje českou nápovědu. Postup zprovoznění české nápovědy v modulu Legacy Charting je popsán ve vlákně http://legacyczech.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=585.

O nefungujících mapách si můžete přečíst zde: http://legacyczech.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&p=844

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