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Addresses - Repeat button missing for the notes. If Repeat is used, and then you combine duplicates, your notes will disappear - FIXED
Addresses - Repeat last entry problem with Sort String - FIXED
Addresses - Run-time error 340 when attempt to access any address - FIXED
Addresses - Shows the same Windows keyboard shortcut for Address List and for Add Media - FIXED
Addresses - Using Repeat Button to Enter an Address Creates Duplicate In Master List - FIXED
Advanced Set Living - Can only be put to 200 years but the option "what age to presume a person is dead" allows over 200 - FIXED
Ancestor Book Report - Problems with non-RIN IDs in Child Lists in Ancestor Book Reports - FIXED
Ancestor Book Report - Puts the first generation label far to the left when you have it set to left-justified - FIXED
Ancestor Book Report and Web Pages - Includes private marriages of children when show spouses is selected - FIXED
Book Reports - Cremated and buried are both showing for females in Spanish book reports - FIXED
Book Reports - Problems with Marriage User IDs and Book Reports - FIXED
Book Reports - User customized compiler settings do not save - FIXED
Calendar Creator - Quoted Name - change wording - FIXED
Calendar List Report - Blank Line for divorced couples, Options not saved - FIXED
Chart Reports - Page Setup - Print options should be greyed out for reports where they do not apply - FIXED
Chart Reports - Record Selection - Tag numbers from 4- 9 do not stick - FIXED
Chart Reports - The Event Format and Address buttons are active for Chart Reports that don't include events - FIXED
Check/Repair - Update from May creates duplicate links for children - FIXED
Chronology Report - Date Prefixes in Chronology Reports are not displaying using the Option 5.7 prefixes - FIXED
Chronology Report - Marriage notes are not formatting correctly with carriage returns - FIXED
Chronology Report - PRIVATE Shared Events in Chronology Report - FIXED
Chronology Report - Problems with Privacy handling and Chronology Reports - FIXED
County Verifier - Lapeer County Michigan was formed from Oakland County in 1822 not 1837 - FIXED
Descendant Book Report - Child Lists are including Events for the Spouse when Events for Children is OFF - FIXED
Descendant Book Report - Footnote order mixed up in Descendant Book Reports - FIXED
Descendant Book Report - People with Invisible Child-Parent Relationships are not being omitted correctly in Descendant Book - FIXED
Descendant Chart Report - Problem with MRIN in Descendant Chart Report - FIXED
Family Group Report - Date prefix not following setting in 5.7 for circa in Family Group Report Lifespan for parents - FIXED
Family Group Report - Date Prefixes are not following 5.7 prefixes for prefixes on other spouses - FIXED
Family Group Report - Layout Bugs - FIXED
Family Group Report - Missing Source Citations for Confirmation and Endowment - FIXED
Family Group Report - MRIN included for spouse without parents, Private parent names included - FIXED
Family Group Report - Notes for children still appear in the Family Group report when you turn this option off - FIXED
Family Group Report - Problem with Marriage ID and Family Group Report - FIXED
Family Group Report - Problems selecting marriages with Tags for Family Group Records - FIXED
Family Group Report - Some Locations are not reversed on the Location Index when that option is chosen - FIXED
Family Group Report and Individual Chart Report - The Chronology Options button needs to be removed from the Standard version - FIXED
Family View - Invisible Spouses cause problem in Family View - FIXED
FamilySearch - API update to match FamilySearch API changes - FIXED
FamilySearch - BIC is not displaying correctly on Share Data tab - FIXED
FamilySearch - Legacy FamilySearch not showing ordinances - FIXED
FamilySearch - Moving over two spouses from FamilySearch will only show one spouse on the Legacy side in Legacy FamilySearch - FIXED
FamilySearch - Ordinance "not needed" not recognized - FIXED
FamilySearch - Problem with "Born in the Covenant" Dates - FIXED
Gedcom Export - Export of a shared event to regular event in a GEDCOM with an address causes the incorrect address to export - FIXED
Gedcom Export - Exporting to GEDCOM 5.5.1 with stories set as events does not export the stories as events - FIXED
Individual Chart Report - User ID overprints the Father field - FIXED
Individual Information - Burial/Cremated - term change not applied in all areas for Burial - FIXED
Individual Report - Does not honor custom date prefix setting for Circa, Cir, C. - FIXED
Individual Report - Event pictures are not confined within Event lines; the last Event picture is overprinted by Event lines - FIXED
Individual Report - Problems with Individual Report and RINs and non RIN IDs - FIXED
Legacy Charting - Afrikaans no longer a selectable language - FIXED
Legacy Charting - Fan Chart colors for empty boxes are not following the 4 color scheme but are all blue - FIXED
Legacy Home - Link from Legacy Home to Legacy News is invalid - FIXED
Location List Report - Long Names do not word wrap - FIXED
Marriage List Report - Does not show other spouses for females, only for males - FIXED
Marriage screen - Marriage wording overrides are not consistent with formatting - FIXED
Media Gallery - Problem with Media Gallery and Cutting Media Items - FIXED
Media Gallery - Removing and then adding a photo to the Media Gallery has unexpected results - FIXED
Media Gallery - When sorting media in the Media Gallery after pasting a picture from another person that picture goes away - FIXED
Media Gallery - When User does a Media Cut From Gallery, Pop-up Warning Message is not able to be turned off - FIXED
Name and Search Lists - Family Tab suppresses people marked Private or Invisible - FIXED
Pedigree Chart Report - BCIEPSC overprints lines and locations in 5 and 6 generation charts. Font size inconsistencies - FIXED
Pedigree Chart Report - Incorrect label for User ID in Pedigree Chart Report - FIXED
Pedigree Chart Report - Issues when Ancestor Colors are being used - FIXED
Pedigree Chart Report - Privacy options for deceased spouses are not being honored - FIXED
Pedigree Chart Report - The option "If an event has multiple citations, combine them into one paragraph" is not sticking - FIXED
Potential Problems - Gaps tab: Inconsistent upper limits - FIXED
Potential Problems - Option to Check for Problems Saving an Individual is not working - FIXED
Potential Problems - PP is flagging privacy brackets as a problem when used in a name field - FIXED
Potential Problems - Standardization tab - change "Only a question mark in name field" to "Question mark in name field" - FIXED
Reports - Options/Settings - Page Setup - Border Lines not working - FIXED
Reports - Options/Settings - Report Screens Missing Printer Setup Button - FIXED
Reports - Options/Settings - Selecting "Suppress details for living people" causes the "Include [[Private]] notes" box to be checkmarked on the next person - FIXED
Search the Internet - Ancestry Internet Search String only uses 1st name field for search - FIXED
Search the Internet - Ancestry.com has End Year greyed out when it should be active - FIXED
Search the Internet - FamilySearch (Historical Records) not working - FIXED
Search the Internet - Search Internet for Current person does not work for FamilySearch.org (Historical Records) - FIXED
Search the Internet - Some of the Internet search links are broken - FIXED
SourceWriter - A closing curly bracket } in the Source Detail Text/Comments boxes will delete all of the subsequent text - FIXED
SourceWriter - SourceWriter is a Deluxe feature but Legacy Standard users have access to it - FIXED
Stories - Adding an apostrophe to a story place field causes the title of the story in the main story screen to show code - FIXED
Stories - The Zoom level in Stories is not sticking but reverts to default on close - FIXED
Toolbars - Edit Toolbar incorrect when using Gender-Neutral - FIXED
Toolbars - Remove FamilyLink.com from Toolbar options and add View Trees tool - FIXED
Tree Finder - keyboard shortcut Alt-E assigned to two buttons - FIXED
Updates - Language Editor is failing with latest Windows 10 security update (Beta Testers only) - FIXED
Web Pages - Pedigree Style Web Page includes Find A Grave ID and Family Search ID when you set it to only show Find A Grave ID - FIXED
Modul Charting nadále neobsahuje českou nápovědu. Postup zprovoznění české nápovědy v modulu Legacy Charting je popsán ve vlákně http://legacyczech.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=585.

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