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County Verifier - Date range errors with Pendleton District and Pendleton County, SC - FIXED
Distance and Bearing Calculator - Distance & Bearing Tool returns erroneous data - FIXED
Distance and Bearing Calculator - Problems when converting coordinate- FIXED
Distance and Bearing Calculator - Small bearing error (about 0.03 degrees) reported by Distance and Bearing Calculator - FIXED
Events - Problem with "swapping" Vital Events and Events - Description from Event does not move - FIXED
Events - Loss of Vital Event Notes when doing a Swap With Custom Event - FIXED
Events - Swapping a Marriage that has notes and sources with an Alt. Marriage that has notes and sources results in duplicated sources - FIXED
Events - You will lose most of your event notes if you swap an event with a vital event more than once - FIXED
Family View - Scrolling Grid View - No Living Indicator on Children's numbers - FIXED
Family View - Add to whom the relationship belongs to on the relationship labels - ADDED
FamilySearch - "Do not create a citation" is not sticking between sessions when downloading LDS ordinances - FIXED
FamilySearch - An invalid date in the Newsfeed will generate an error message - FIXED
FamilySearch - Cannot print reserved ordinance - FIXED
FamilySearch - Errors with login screen - FIXED
FamilySearch - Event Locations are imported from FamilySearch without importing associated events - FIXED
FamilySearch - FamilySearch downloads break familial bonds- FIXED
FamilySearch - Legacy will not display nor transfer non-English month names - FIXED
FamilySearch - Problem with embedded formatting codes in Given Names - FIXED
FamilySearch - Quarter dates are triggering potential problems in the Family Search interface - FIXED
FamilySearch - Unable to transfer sources from Legacy to FamilySearch - "There was an error with this source desc." - FIXED
File Maintenance - Check-Repair needs to repair Hints .hdb file - ADDED
File Properties - Customer Number label is abbreviated - FIXED
Gedcom Export - Exporting to vital events with the option to export shared events as regular events results in error 3265 - FIXED
Gedcom Export - Privacy options not working right - FIXED
Gedcom Export - Private Marriage Events are being exported in gedcoms - FIXED
Gedcom Import - Gedcom Import does not correctly import Burial locations - FIXED
Gedcom Import - Import of FTM events with mapping is not recognized - FIXED
Gedcom Import - Legacy does not automatically sort the children in FTM gedcom imports - FIXED
Gedcom Import - Legacy is interpreting names in Geni created gedcoms incorrectly - FIXED
Gedcom Import - Two options needed when importing files using the CREM tag - FIXED
Getting Started Wizard - Add startup interview wizard (Dave Berdan) - ADDED
Legacy Charting - An error can occur when trying to create a chart - FIXED
Legacy Charting - An invalid date in the Newsfeed will generate an error message - FIXED
Legacy Charting - Charting does not always honor "include labels of empty fields" option in box items - FIXED
Legacy Charting - Option to use cm as default units of measure - ADDED
Legacy Export - Exporting a subset of tagged individuals to a new Legacy file breaks the parent-child links - FIXED
Legacy Home - Can no longer access the 'See What's New' link on the 'Check for Legacy Update' screen - FIXED
Marriage Information Window - Alt-3 behaves differently than on the Individual's Information Window - FIXED
Marriage List - BRING BACK - Number of marriages in the top bar of the Marriage List - ADDED
Marriage List - When a husband has multiple spouses, the spouses should be listed in alphabetical order in the Marriage List - FIXED
Master Lists - New Option to Master List Options Menu "Remove Name-Only Events"- FIXED
Master Location List - After adding a new location, that location is not displayed in full - FIXED
Master Location List - Combine locations not including Stories locations - FIXED
Master Location List - Missing the ability to easily copy coordinates from one location to another - ADDED
Master Location List - Problems with manually entering Geo Coordinates - FIXED
Media Gallery - BRING BACK - Media Gallery - RIN next to name on top border - ADDED
Media Gallery - The title bar has the person's name but does not include their RIN number - FIXED
Media Relinker - Media Relinker hangs up on a Windows.old file - FIXED
Name/Search List - Edit Tab does not include new Invisible setting - FIXED
Name/Search List - Problems with Potential Problem Indicator and Hints Indicator for selected person - FIXED
Name/Search List - Add "married names" to Name List and Index Views as an option - ADDED
Name/Search List - Always includes border at top and bottom of page - ADDED
Name/Search List - Inversion of gender for partner - FIXED
Options - Colors - Set Child Colors - If you choose a gradient color scheme it won't appear on any view except the Family View - FIXED
Options - Customize - Option 8.13 Hints is off in Legacy Default settings - FIXED
Options - Customize - Standard Edition Options - Change Colours allows access to Deluxe Edition Features - FIXED
Reports - Book Reports - Events Text NOT wrapping around photos of individuals - FIXED
Reports - Chart Style - Family Group Record - Suggestion for better grouping of Notes in the report - FIXED
Reports - Chart Style - Individual Chart and Family Group Record - Problems when event pictures are included - FIXED
Reports - Chronology Comparison Report - Tab order on "Chronology Comparison" form needs to be fixed - FIXED
Reports - Chronology Report - Add ability to choose more generations for the Chronology View/Report (up to great-grandchildren and great-grandparents) - FIXED
Reports - Chronology Report - Divorce date needs to be added to the Chronology View/Report - FIXED
Reports - Chronology Report - If the checkbox "Spouse's life range information" is not checked, the subordinate checkbox "Death of spouse" remains active and checked - FIXED
Reports - Chronology Report - Private Dates are being included with Chronology Reports - FIXED
Reports - Descendant Book Report - Shows FaG number after person's name as 222222 -, suggest it be FaG#: 222222 - - FIXED
Reports - Descendant Book Report - Overwrite of Pictures in Descendant Book Report after 1st running an Individual Report & then Descendant Book Report - FIXED
Reports - Descendant Chart Report - Error 9 occurs when the option "pack information on one line" is turned off - FIXED
Reports - Descendant Chart Report - German version - space missing after marriage symbol - FIXED
Reports - Interview Report - Interview questions footer needs to change www.myancestorsfound.com to www.familyhistoryexpos.com - FIXED
Reports - Potential Problem Report - Problem with potential problems report when created as .pdf - FIXED
Reports - Relationship Chart Report - Run-time error 20002 "Lead Error: invalid bitmap handle" - FIXED
Reports - Source Citation Report - Option to Include Evidence Analysis will not stay off - FIXED
Search Replace - Using Search and Replace to change SourceWriter Source Names does not work correctly - FIXED
Set Relationships - Spouses of half-aunts are not given relationships for female half relatives - FIXED
Set Relationships - Change the relationship label to reflect who the anchor person is for the Set Relationships - ADDED
SourceWriter - Analyze Source Quality - There is no way to tell if you have filled this in - FIXED
SourceWriter - Analyze Source Quality - Undetermined is missing from the Information section - FIXED
Toolbars - Added a new menu item to the Research Tools main toolbar icon that allows you to go to https://LegacyTree.com for help with research - ADDED
Toolbars - MyHeritage missing as possible My Toolbar icon - FIXED
Toolbars - The Spanish word for "Add" is spelled wrong in the Toolbar - FIXED
Translation - Spanish edition - change "Concubinato" to "Unión Libre" in the marriage bar when a couple is marked as not having married - FIXED
Web Pages - Pedigree Style - The focus person will not have their Find a Grave number displayed - FIXED
Modul Charting nadále neobsahuje českou nápovědu. Postup zprovoznění české nápovědy v modulu Legacy Charting je popsán ve vlákně http://legacyczech.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=585.

O nefungujících mapách si můžete přečíst zde: http://legacyczech.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&p=844

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