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File Maintenance - The List Cleanup no longer purges locations only used by Stories.
GEDCOM - AFN number, User ID, FamilySearch ID, and Find a Grave ID can now be exported as events to avoid data loss .
GEDCOM - Q Dates with Qn YYYY format can now be imported in Gedcom and also entered in date field and converted to Legacy MMM Q YYYY format.
Hints - All of the Option 8.13 Hints Setting can now be saved to User Defaults.
Hints - HELP button and message added to the Realtime Hint Processing Monitor screen.
Hints - Long FamilySearch passwords now work in Option 8.13.
Hints - Random Database Admin Lock events fixed.
Legacy Charting - Users can now change user interface language in Legacy Charting.
Legacy FamilySearch - Choosing the option to add name to FamilySearch will now add and no longer replace the name.
Legacy FamilySearch - Pedigree Navigation in Legacy FamilySearch will now allow access to children if there is no spouse.
Legacy Home - Refresh button on Legacy Home Tab now does the same thing as Options > Check the Internet Now option?
Locations - Fairfield County, SC was formed in 1785 not 1798 fixed in County Verified.
Locations - Fixes to Manual input in Distance and Bearing Calculator.
Locations - Southern Hemisphere locations now converted correctly in Distance and Bearing Calculator.
Master Lists - Location error when accessing story, generating reports, webpages and exporting gedcoms, caused by purging unused locations, fixed.
Master Lists - Manually entering Geo Coordinates on Edit Location form made easier.
Master Lists - Show list for surnames now has options to exclude married names and/or AKA's from the list.
Options - Set other color and style options" now operational.
Reports - An option now implemented to exclude deceased persons for Address Labels Report.
Reports - Ancestor book report now honoring exclude details on living individuals for parents stories.
Reports - Fixed Formatting errors on the Name Index in reports.
Reports - Name Index in Reports no longer gives blank married surname for people with a blank/unknown partner.
Reports - Private Marriage Events are now omitted in Chronology Report.
Reports - Private Master Events no longer cause all following events to be omitted in Chronology Report.
Reports - Sort Order option in Location Report is now working.
Reports - Stories for one spouse now always show up show correctly.
To-Do - Reinstated showing Name of Individual for individual To-Do.
Modul Charting nadále neobsahuje českou nápovědu. Postup zprovoznění české nápovědy v modulu Legacy Charting je popsán ve vlákně http://legacyczech.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=585.

O nefungujících mapách si můžete přečíst zde: http://legacyczech.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&p=844

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