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GEDCOM Export - Fixed GEDCOM export of shared events as regular events.
Hashtags - Hashtags were being exported even if removed in customize section. Fixed.
Legacy Charting - Fixed an error about "tblGP" that some users were seeing.
Legacy FamilySearch - Added the Temple tab back into the program. Because of the changes at FamilySearch and how Legacy FamilySearch retrieves ordinances, this tab is now very slow.
Legacy FamilySearch - Cosmetic terminology change request.
Legacy FamilySearch - Every once in a while, LFS will need to compact its' database. A dialog box will appear every 30 times you start LFS.
Legacy FamilySearch - Fixed issues with matches not found.
Legacy FamilySearch - Fixed issues with special characters in search and matching feature.
Legacy FamilySearch - Speed issues.
Legacy FamilySearch - Fixed issues with dates in events.
Legacy FamilySearch - When you download a person from FS, LFS no longer assigns a unspecified source to the person in Legacy.
LegacyCharting - Legacy Charting will now honor privacy brackets in certain fields.
LegacyCharting - Mismatch between Privacy Options on Help & Options - Chart options -View and on Appearance-Privacy Options.
LegacyCharting - Privacy Invisible option is not working to to suppress Invisible people.
LegacyCharting - Private Dates converted to BC and not suppressed. Fixed.
Possible Duplicates - Fixed Possible Duplicates error when person had more than two spouses.
QuickBookmarks - Now refresh QuickBookmark names after edits.
Reports - Add new option to only include blood relatives on the Relationship Report.
Reports - Message now shown if no relationship set while trying to produce a Relationship Report.
Reports - On Descendant chart no line is output for an unknown spouse if the "Just leave it blank" option is set.
Research Guidance - 56 New or Updated sources.
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Bohužel, v okamžiku svého vydání neobsahuje ani Legacy 9 v instalačním balíčku češtinu k modulu Legacy Charting a a českou nápovědu k tomuto modulu.
Postup zprovoznění češtiny a české nápovědy v modulu Legacy Charting je popsán ve vlákně http://legacyczech.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=473.

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