TNG 13.1.2 (16.4.2022)

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TNG 13.1.2 (16.4.2022)

Příspěvekod michal » 18 dub 2022 20:35

Nejvýznamnější součástí této aktualizace jsou úpravy pro PHP 8.1, která je u poskytovatelů hostingu stále populárnější.

Úplný seznam změn:
• DNA: Added missing DNA Test section to General Settings help screen.
• Export: GEDCOM export produced an error and did not finish (fixed).
• Languages: Portuguese PT (Portugal) language files added (thanks to Luís Belard da Fonseca).
• Languages: A Danish version of the readme.html file has been added (thanks to Hanne Stegemüller).
• Languages: Should no longer load language files inadvertently left in the main folder.
• Media: Media with citations linked to living individuals were being shown when the user did not have rights (fixed).
• Media: Private media were still visible on the slide show, in albums, in the random photo generator and on PDF pages (fixed).
• Media: If the Add New Media operation detects an existing file with the same name, the upload will not be saved and the thumbnail will not be created.
• Mod Manager: Various updates and fixes are included.
• PHP 8.1: Several updates were made in various pages to prevent errors and warnings specific to PHP 8.1.
• Reports: Reports making use of the "Spouse Name" field could not be displayed (fixed).
• Third Party Libraries: PHPmailer has been updated to version 6.5.3 (compatible with PHP 8.1).
• Third Party Libraries: TFPDF has been updated to version 1.3.2, and FPDF has been updated to 1.8.4.

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